Lego hero factory инструкция bulk and

lego hero factory инструкция bulk and
The Heroes realize the best idea is to form a Hero Cell to protect themselves using their Hero Cores. Reaching 1,000 supporters gives you 6 additional months to reach 5,000 supporters. You may include text in additional languages, but projects without English titles and an English description text will not be approved. Alpha Team is flown in to stop the monsters by building giant mechs. Each Hero is unique thanks to their Quaza Core, a mineral stone which provides them with their own distinct personality.

They can be great if you can pick them up in a toy sale, or in the childrens toy section of sites like eBay. Toxic Reapa — Criminal from the jungle planet Z’chaya. Under Von Nebula’s instructions, Corroder attacked the construction site of Penitentiary 1331 on Tantalus 5, wounding some of the workers. You may not transfer your project(s), supporters, or your profile to anyone else. Julius Nex — Socially nuanced and technologically gifted head of Hero Outreach and a rookie on Alpha 1, with a love for gadgetry.

Don’t post photos of people in your project. You may only use third-party logos in the context of a model, similar to LEGO logo guidelines above. Do not create mockups of LEGO product boxes (“box art”) or marketing materials in your images. You may not use the LEGO logo in your artwork.

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