Инструкция 185 от 29 03 2013

инструкция 185 от 29 03 2013
Attention: if your PC displays “No authority to Read” when you open the downloaded PDF manual, you shall install the “Dahao PDF Certificates” firstly. The task force was chaired by Allen Frances. A steering committee of 27 people was introduced, including four psychologists. Retrieved 2013-03-09. ^ Phillips, James; Frances, Allen; Cerullo, Michael A; Chardavoyne, John; Decker, Hannah S; First, Michael B; Ghaemi, Nassir; Greenberg, Gary; et al. (January 13, 2012). «The Six Most Essential Questions in Psychiatric Diagnosis: A Pluralogue. The remaining axes covered medical, psychosocial, environmental, and childhood factors functionally necessary to provide diagnostic criteria for health care assessments.

American Psychiatric Publishing, 2009, pp.237-244. ^ Sanism in Theory and Practice May 9/10, 2011. Richard Ingram, Centre for the Study of Gender, Social Inequities and Mental Health. From DSM-IV to DSM-V». Psychological Medicine. 40 (11): 1759–1765. doi:10.1017/S0033291709992261. PMC 3101504. PMID 20624327. ^ «Proposed Revision: Definition of a Mental Disorder». DSM-5 Development. Nor is there any credible evidence that any version of the manual has greatly increased its reliability beyond the previous version. The steering committee created 13 work groups of five to 16 members. However, according to a 1994 article by Stuart A. Kirk: Twenty years after the reliability problem became the central focus of DSM-III, there is still not a single multi-site study showing that DSM (any version) is routinely used with high reliably by regular mental health clinicians. Retrieved 2013-05-21. ^ Catherine Pearson (20 May 2013). «DSM-5 Changes: What Parents Need To Know About The First Major Revision In Nearly 20 Years». The Huffington Post.

Both the DSM-I and the DSM-II reflected the predominant psychodynamic psychiatry,[22] although they also included biological perspectives and concepts from Kraepelin’s system of classification. Symptoms were not specified in detail for specific disorders. December 12, 2011. ^ Allday, Erin (November 26, 2011). «Revision of psychiatric manual under fire». San Francisco Chronicle.

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